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What do we offer?

Our service portfolio is diversified to meet the needs of our customers. We will deliver your goods on time, safely and securely.

Road transport

We provide regular connections and short transit times throughout Europe. Our extensive network and selected group of carriers ensure timely and secure delivery of your goods.

Maritime transport

Our reliable shipping services ensure safe and timely delivery of goods to every continent. We offer full container loads (FCL), general cargo (LCL) and specialized design solutions tailored to customer needs


We offer a comprehensive package of services to optimize inventory, stock levels and full order fulfilment.

We will find the optimal solution for all your logistics needs.

It's been 10 years since we try to be the best!

We understand that your delivery requirements are unique and that is why we have engaged the best specialists to create individual solutions that are adapted to the ever-changing economic situation.

Why choose us?


Express deliveries

Do you need to send a product to a customer at the other end of Europe? Do you have to deliver tomorrow? Everybody says: “It’s impossible”? We provide it all and much more. We organize such transports every day. For example: today we load goods in Berlin, and our destination is London. And you know what? We deliver it the next day!


From design to precision engineering, we are professionals in the field of transport, we are committed every step of the way to providing you with the most appropriate and economical transport solutions that our industry has to offer. KP Prosperity has more than 400 dedicated transport vehicles at its disposal and we make more than 4000 deliveries throughout Europe each year.

Comprehensive solutions

Does your customer require driver’s assistance during unloading? Will you need a tail-lift to load or unload? Does the goods have to be delivered without reloading? If the answer is YES to any or all of the above questions about the services, than our solutions are just for you.

Cost reduction

Controlling costs is a difficult task and the additional responsibility for managing freight transport can be overwhelming. We work with a variety of customers, with different sizes and reach, so we offer solutions that reduce supply chain costs, keeping customers in control of costs and delivery times. Do you want to incur costs or miss the opportunity to increase revenue if your product is not on the shelf or in the right place? With KP Prosperity you have full support and peace of mind.

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